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I want to hand over my property

You are a tenant in Lausanne area and want to leave your appartment before the expiry of your lease ? Actually, there is a possibility to terminate your lease before the scheduled date. This is more commonly known as "early termination".

This termination must however, meet certain conditions and deadlines to be accepted by the owner or the property manager.

You will have to introduce us to a solvent tenant whose income should be sufficient to pay the rent of the appartment, in case we accept your application. He/she should agree to continue renting the property with the same conditions and the state in which you leave it when you terminate the lease.

Our property hunters will take care of these administrative formalities and do everything on time so that you don’t have to pay the rent twice.

Our property hunters accompany you all the way till the handover of your lease.

For more details do not hesitate to fill our form. This offer is non-binding.

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